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Dr Sarah Brewer


Safety in the home and at play

Over half a million children under the age of 5 suffer an accident in the home every year. Many accidents can be avoided by simple safety precautions. Try looking around your home at your child's eye-level to spot hazards within his reach.

  • Don't leave hot drinks within arms reach of the child
  • Never leave your baby in a high chair without a safety harness
  • Always use a guard in front of a fire, hot radiators and cookers
  • Use baby gates to stop your toddler wandering onto stairs, out of doors or into the kitchen
  • Keep bleach and other household cleaning agents locked out of reach in high cupboards
  • Drugs and medicines should always be locked safely away
  • Keep kettles and saucepan handles turned out of reach, use back burners where possible
  • Take care not to leave hot mugs of tea or coffee within reach
  • Fit special catches to keep little ones out of low cupboards, drawers, fridge and freezers
  • Consider corner protectors to prevent injury if your child stumbles against sharp furniture edges
  • Fit safety socket covers on electric power points in the child's bedroom and other areas where he plays
  • Never leave a child unattended near running water, pools or in the bath Cover glass doors, table tops, etc., with safety film
  • Choose soft toys which meet British Safety Standards