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Colin A. Michie
MA.FRCPCH.FLS Consultant
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Dr Chris Steele
M.B., Ch.B.
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NiS is supported and advised by medical experts including GP and TV doctor Dr Chris Steele, health journalist, medical author and GP Dr Sarah Brewer, and consultant paediatrician Dr Colin Michie.

Dr Sarah Brewer answers a number of commonly asked questions

Q: My baby has sensitive skin - what should I use to clean him. Is normal soap OK?

A: A baby's skin is delicate and it's best to use products specially designed for them. Baby soap is fine, but as your baby has sensitive skin you may find using a baby wash more gentle. Baby washes are lotions containing gentle cleansers that may be kinder to his skin. Several are available - most mums go for the one whose smell they like best! It is really a question of trial and error - you may find an unperfumed product is best if your baby's skin is very sensitive. Alternatively, you can buy Aqueous Cream in the chemists and use this to cleanse his skin in the bath. This is widely used in hospitals for washing sensitive skin.

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