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NiS is supported and advised by medical experts including GP and TV doctor Dr Chris Steele, health journalist, medical author and GP Dr Sarah Brewer, and consultant paediatrician Dr Colin Michie.

Dr Sarah Brewer answers a number of commonly asked questions

Q: Can I wash my babies hair in the bath or will the shampoo affect his skin or cause nappy rash?

A: Young babies don't produce much hair oil so you don't need to use a shampoo at all if you don't want to - just use water for the first few months. Otherwise use a shampoo especially designed for newborn babies and which is relatively unperfumed. You can buy products that double up as a combined baby bath and shampoo - this works out cheaper and you don't have to worry about which product to use where. It is important to wash a newborn baby's hair and face before puttering her in the bath so that germs from her bottom don't reach her face, eyes or ears. Keep your baby in her nappy and wrap her in a warm towel. Support her on your lap while washing her hair and gently patting it dry. Once her hair is dry again, take off her nappy and clean her bottom with baby wipes or cotton wool and water, THEN she is ready to be placed in the bath. Once your baby has outgrown the baby bath and is in the family bath, you can wash her hair while she's in the water with no problem - try using an eye shield to stop shampoo and water running down her face.

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