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Disposable nappies have made a significant contribution to hygiene in the home, the nursery and on hospital wards. Due to their minimal handling and single use nature they minimise the risk of bacterial cross infection among infants.

Keeping baby's bottom dry is important for healthy skin and avoiding nappy rash. Disposable nappies are designed to help achieve this by rapidly absorbing liquids into the core of the nappy with super-absorbent materials and one-way top sheets.

Hygiene is vital too, and it is important to gently clean and dry your baby's skin thoroughly at each nappy change.

Whatever type of nappy you use, it should be changed as soon as they are soiled or wet.

All the components which make up a disposable nappy are rigorously tested before being approved for use in disposable nappies, they are a safe and healthy choice for the millions of babies who wear them around the world.

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"Disposable nappies provide a healthy option for your baby." Dr Sarah Brewer, GP, health journalist and medical author.